Josh Pyke releases album ‘Rome’, shares new animated music video

Featuring five previously released singles

Josh Pyke released his new album, ‘Rome’, today (August 28). The record is Pyke’s sixth studio album and his first since 2015’s ‘But For All These Shrinking Hearts’.

‘Rome’ features the previously released singles ‘I Don’t Know’, ‘Doubting Thomas’, ‘Home’, ‘Don’t Let It Wait’ and ‘You’re My Colour’.

“The title ‘Rome’ refers to the expression that ‘all roads lead to Rome,” Pyke said in a press release earlier this year.


“We can’t escape ourselves. We can’t avoid what stares us in the face as our personal realities, and if we don’t address these things we risk becoming ruins of ourselves.”

Listen to the album in full below:

Pyke has also released track-by-track commentary of the album. He last shared album commentary upon the release of his 2013 record, ‘The Beginning And The End Of Everything’.

In addition, Pyke shared the music video for album track ‘I Thought We Were A River’ overnight (August 27). Watch the animated clip below:



To celebrate the release of ‘Rome’, Josh Pyke will tour nationally in October. Pyke will perform along the East Coast as well as in Adelaide, Ballarat and Fremantle. There is no word yet on whether border closures will impact Pyke’s shows, as Melbourne continues to battle a second wave of coronavirus cases.

“By the time I’m able to play again, it’ll be a celebration of not only these songs but of performance in general. It’ll be a joyful return to the stage and the world in general,” Pyke said earlier this year.

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