Josh Pyke releases new EP, ‘Missing Memories’

The album was released to celebrate Pyke's debut LP, 'Memories & Dust', going platinum

Josh Pyke has shared a new seven-track EP, ‘Missing Memories’, to celebrate his debut album, ‘Memories & Dust’, becoming a platinum record.

‘Missing Memories’ is a collection of demos and tracks that didn’t make the final cut for ‘Memories & Dust’, but have all been described by Pyke as “peripheral to the album that was released”.

“I wanted to celebrate this very cool happening in some small way, so we’ve put together a special EP with songs from around that time that were NOT on the album,” he said in an Instagram post late last week.


“Some of them were recorded with Wayne Connolly during the M&D sessions, some are demos recorded in my bedroom (‘Unit 11’, ‘Clock On/Clock Off’) and some are from the original demos I did in a little studio above a pub in Balmain (‘The 9 & the 5’).”

Listen to the EP below:

‘Memories & Dust’ was released in 2007 through Ivy League and contained the singles ‘Lines on Palms’, ‘Forever Song’ and the title track, in addition to the previously released ‘Middle of the Hill’.

The singer’s most recent album is ‘Rome’, which arrived in August last year. Since then, Pyke released another EP, ‘Revisions 2020’, featuring reimagined recordings of his back catalogue.


The singer also announced the annual Josh Pyke Partnership would proceed this year, with applications open until March 26.

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