Josh Pyke teases new single ‘To Find Happiness’

Pyke's new track is out this week

Josh Pyke will release his next single, ‘To Find Happiness’, this Friday (March 19).

The singer-songwriter took to Twitter this morning (March 17) to share a snippet of the track, alongside what appears to be part of its music video.

The surreal clip sees Pyke performing with an image of a cat superimposed over his head. Watch it below:


Since returning from a five-year hiatus last year, Josh Pyke has been releasing music prolifically. Last month, he shared ‘Missing Memories’, an EP of demos and outtakes from his 2007 debut album, ‘Memories & Dust’.

Pyke dropped ‘Missing Memories’ less than four months after sharing ‘Revisions’, an EP comprising alternate versions of tracks from throughout his career.

‘Missing Memories’ and ‘Revisions’ followed on from Pyke’s sixth studio album, ‘Rome’, which hit shelves and streaming services in August. The record featured the singles ‘I Don’t Know’, ‘Doubting Thomas’, ‘Home’, ‘Don’t Let It Wait’ and ‘You’re My Colour’.

Pyke will appear at Sydney’s Sunset Piazza tomorrow night (March 18) for one of the final shows of the pop-up venue’s inaugural season. Ben Folds, Allday and Alex The Astronaut are among the other artists to have played at the performance space since it opened in late January.


Applications for the 2021 Josh Pyke partnership, a grant sponsored by Pyke and APRA AMCOS, are now open. The initiative provides an emerging artist with $7,500 to further their career, as well as industry contacts and mentoring from Pyke. Previous winners of the Josh Pyke partnership include Alex Lahey, Gordi and Bec Sykes.

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