June Jones shares new single ‘Therapy’, announces new album

The Melbourne songwriter's latest sees her wrestle with healing in a materialist society

June Jones has announced her second solo album, ‘Leafcutter’, will arrive early next year. To coincide, the Melbourne singer-songwriter has shared the album’s second single, ‘Therapy’.

It’s a big, soaring slow-burner that sees Jones meditate on healing amid a capitalist, material society – her distinctive croon floating above spacious, airy synths and occasional punctuations of warbled saxophone.

‘Therapy’ arrives alongside a Triana Hernandez-directed video that stars Jones alongside her parents. As her mum removes Jones’ makeup and brushes her hair, her dad removes most of the objects in the background, save for some candles and flowers.


Watch the video for ‘Therapy’ below:


“I wrote ‘Therapy’ after wandering the aisles of K-Mart, looking for some kind of object that would fill the void in my soul that day. In fact, I wrote the song using a pen and notepad that I had just bought there. I wanted to describe the experience of retail therapy in a way that is familiar to me. Growing up a child of consumer capitalism, I have a deep attachment to objects, things, stuff,” Jones explained in a statement.

“The song is a reflection on the shopping centre as a place that, for better or worse, can help us find something to momentarily ease our pain. Ironically, I suspect that a lot of the wounds that we are all trying to heal are products of capitalism itself,” she added.

“Alienation from work and society, tenuous access to healthcare, depression, anxiety, sensory overload, exhaustion, and a lack of existential meaning are all common experiences under Western capitalism.”


‘Therapy’ is the second song Jones has released from ‘Leafcutter’ thus far – lead single ‘Jenny (Breathe)’ arrived last month.

Produced by Jones herself, the album is set to arrive February 19 through her Remote Control Records imprint, Emotion Punk.

It will follow Jones’ solo debut ‘Diana’, which she released last year. Prior to that, the songwriter released two albums with her now-defunct folk-punk outfit Two Steps on the Water – the most recent being 2017’s ‘Sword Songs’.