Justin Bieber is still eyeing a fight with Tom Cruise: “I’m the Conor McGregor of entertainment”

The singer challenged the actor to a "fight in the octagon" last summer

Justin Bieber has reiterated his desire to fight Tom Cruise, declaring himself to be “the Conor McGregor of entertainment”.

Back in June 2019, the ‘Changes’ singer challenged the Top Gun actor to a “fight in the octagon” before reaching out to UFC President Dana White in a bid to get the unlikely bout off the ground.

Appearing on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke this week, Bieber was asked by the host about why he challenged Cruise to a fight. While Bieber admitted that he was initially “just being stupid”, he then said that the response his tweet subsequently received made him think “do you know what? That [the fight] could actually be funny.”


Corden then said that he’d back Cruise to win in a fight between them, but Bieber countered by saying that there was “absolutely no way” that the actor would defeat him in the octagon.

After joking that he considered himself to be “dangerous”, Bieber added: “My mind control is another specimen, I’m different. I’m the Conor McGregor of entertainment!”

That remark prompted a big laugh from Corden, before the pair then engaged in an arm wrestle — which Bieber won easily.

Earlier this week, Bieber expressed support for Billie Eilish and said that he “definitely” feels protective of the ‘Bad Guy’ star.