Justin Bieber says H&M released merch collection without his permission

The clothing retailer said it "followed proper approval procedures" for the range

Justin Bieber has accused fast-fashion outlet H&M of selling clothes that feature the singer’s image and lyrics without his permission.

Bieber wrote in an Instagram Story on Monday (December 19): “I [didn’t] approve any of the merch collection that they put up at H&M.” He added that the company’s range was done “without my permission and approval” and telling fans “I [wouldn’t] buy it if I were you.” He reiterated his claims in a second Story, writing: “The H&M merch they made of me is trash and I [didn’t] approve it [don’t] buy it.”

The items include shirts and a tote bag that feature photos of Bieber, a hoodie and phone case that include lyrics from Bieber’s song ‘Ghost’, and more. Bieber commented on a fan account’s post which showed photos of the items, writing: “When everyone finds out I didn’t approve any of this merch smh.”


In a brief statement shared by Billboard, a representative for H&M said that “as with all other licensed products and partnerships, H&M followed proper approval procedures” for the merch range. The company has worked with many artists for official collaborations over the years, such as Billie Eilish, who launched a clothing line through the outlet in 2020.

Bieber isn’t the only artist to have called out H&M in recent years, however. In 2018, The Weeknd – who had previously linked up with the retailer for an official collection – and G-Eazy both cut ties with the company after it shared a promotional image which was deemed racist.

Meanwhile, Bieber is continuing to focus on his health after indefinitely postponing his world tour in support of latest album ‘Justice’. The singer experienced facial paralysis following a diagnosis of Ramsay Hunt syndrome earlier this year.

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