Kaiit is fundraising to regain her “independence”, continue releasing music

The neo-soul artist has launched a crowdfunding initiative in order to be able to share new music

Kaiit has launched a GoFundMe page in order to “recover [her] independence as an artist” and continue releasing new music.

“It’s taken a lot for me to even allow myself to ask for help, and I’ve been especially considerate of everything that’s happening in the world. But my ancestors and the spirit keep affirming that this is what I’m needing to do in this moment, and I want to honour that,” the Melbourne neo-soul artist explained in a video on Instagram.

“I need to raise funds in order for me to be able to recover my independence as an artist, for me to share this music with all of you, and to let go. To release. I don’t want to carry this shit anymore, I just want it up and out,” she continued.


“By donating to this, you’re supporting just that, and my history, and my future as an artist. I’m so beyond thankful for all the support that you all give me and continue to give me throughout these years, new music or not. I’m so thankful.”

You can contribute to Kaiit’s GoFundMe page here. At the time of writing, the fundraiser has reached over $30,000 of its $120,000 goal.

Since posting the video earlier today (August 27), the singer has been met with a wave of support from the Australian music community.

“Dude I am so absolutely happy that you’ve finally done this. I back this 100000%,” commented Tash Sultana. “Proud of you and support everything you do,” wrote Tones and I, while Mo’Ju commented, “Love you bb. We’re gonna get you making music again.”

Other artists who have voiced their support for Kaiit since the fundraiser was announced include Adrian Eagle, Emily Wurramara, Alice Ivy, Jerome Farah, Alice Skye, Ecca Vandal, Jesswar and JessB.


Kaiit’s last solo release was her ARIA-winning 2019 single ‘Miss Shiney’. Last year, she appeared on ‘ROLLITUP’, a song with MXXWLL from the Sydney producer’s album ‘SHEEESH’, along with Kota the Friend track ‘Away Park’.

Kaiit discussed new music when speaking to NME at Laneway Festival in 2020. “New things are definitely coming, and things I feel that are more reflective of what I’m doing and where I feel like I’m at at the moment.”