Kang Daniel issues apology over sexist remarks about ‘Street Woman Fighter’

The K-pop idol and host is said to have dismissed the idea that there was a sexist undertone to his comments about the dance programme's female competitors: "Saying that this is about gender... I am at a loss for words"

Kang Daniel has apologised for remarks he made about 2021 dance programme Street Woman Fighter that were criticised as sexist.

The idol took to Instagram earlier today (July 20) to apologise for the remarks he made about filming Street Woman Fighter and Street Man Fighter. Daniel first hosted Street Woman Fighter when it premiered in 2021 and was brought back to host Street Man Fighter, which is set to air on August 16.

Daniel had received backlash after commenting on the difference between filming the male and female versions of the dance survival programme in a series of messages on the service Universe, saying he preferred filming Street Man Fighter to Street Woman Fighter.


“To be really honest, I’m so comfortable because [Street Man Fighter] is all men,” he wrote, per Korea JoongAng Daily. “I’m happy because I don’t get drained of energy. It [Street Woman Fighter] was really scary.”

Some fans called out the negative subtext of his comparison of both shows, particularly noting the potential sexist term “energy-draining”, which according to Koreaboo, buys into the stereotype that women are cattier than men.

Daniel is said to have doubled down in response to the criticism. “What’s wrong with saying it was scary? Imagine yourself reciting a poem, let’s say, in front of 60 men. It’s scary, isn’t it?” he replied. “I was shivering at first. They were noonim [older women] with really strong makeup and eyeliner.”

Daniel also dismissed the idea that there was a sexist undertone to his statements. “Saying that this is about gender… I am at a loss for words.” He was also criticised for threatening to block fans who continued to comment on his statements on the dance competition’s female competitors. “People like those [who objected] would be so angry when they attend a standup comedy show. Let’s relax. Life is hard enough already,” Daniel wrote.

In Daniel’s latest Instagram post, he apologised for “causing an unnecessary misunderstanding” by “exaggerating” how nervous he felt about hosting the programmes. “My response in the situation where I was trying to be wary of promoting or heightening gender conflict was imprudent,” Daniel added, as translated by Soompi.

“I’m sorry that this whole process hurt my fans, who always care about me and worry about me. From now on, I will be more careful about my remarks and actions.”