Kang Daniel releases captivating music video for ‘Paranoia’

It's the singer's first solo release of the year

Kang Daniel has made his comeback with a brand-new digital single called ‘Paranoia’.

The song relays the struggles of fighting against the monsters inside you. “You can run / you can hide / but they always find,” Kang sings on the chorus, “Spreading slowly in your heart / They live in the dark.” Similarly, the dark-themed music video portrays scenes of living with one’s inner demons.

Watch the music video for ‘Paranoia’ here:


‘Paranoia’ is Kang’s first solo release of 2021. In January, the idol kicked off the new year with ‘State of Wonder’, a collaboration with international artists Inverness and Anthony Russo.

Last year, the singer released two EPs: ‘Cyan’ and ‘Magenta’. The projects were part of Kang’s ‘Color’ trilogy of releases, which started in 2019 with his solo debut EP, ‘Color On Me’.

Earlier this month, the singer described ‘Paranoia’ as one of his most personal releases ever, during an interview with South Korean magazine 1st Look. “I want to show myself as a real artist,” he said. “A lot of my own thoughts and worries have been incorporated into the comeback and there will be a lot of sincere stories. It will be about one part of the person called Kang Daniel.”

Kang is also currently in talks to star in the upcoming Korean Disney+ original series, Our Police Class. The singer has been offered the role of Wi Seung-hyun, an honors freshman starting out at the Korean National Police University, and he is said to be positively considering it.