Kang Daniel unveils mesmerising music video for ‘Antidote’

'Yellow' is the final instalment in his 'Color' trilogy

Kang Daniel has released a captivating video for ‘Antidote’, the title track of his newly released mini-album ‘Yellow’.

The captivating clip follows the singer as he tries to escape a strange underground facility where he’s forced to perform for camera-wielding onlookers. After a brief chase sequence, Kang eventually makes it to the surface and dances under the sunlight.


Aside from ‘Antidote’, the forthcoming record will also feature four other tracks, including the pre-release single ‘Paranoia’. This comeback is also the final instalment of the soloist’s ‘Color’ trilogy, following EPs ‘Cyan’ and ‘Magenta’ from 2020.

For ‘Yellow’, Kang worked with rappers Omega Sapien and Wonstein on the tracks ‘Misunderstood’ and ‘Save U’, respectively. Meanwhile, Anthony Russo, whom the idol collaborated with for ‘State Of Wonder’ earlier this year, also assisted in the making of the project.

In February, Kang dropped the music video for ‘Paranoia’, where the singer portrayed scenes of living with one’s inner demons. He has described the song as one of his most personal releases ever.

“I want to show myself as a real artist,” he said. “A lot of my own thoughts and worries have been incorporated into the comeback and there will be a lot of sincere stories. It will be about one part of the person called Kang Daniel.”


Kang pulled off a captivating performance of the track during an appearance at the recently concluded KCON:TACT 3. He also performed other hits ‘Who U Are’, ‘2U’, and ‘Interview’ during the online event.

Earlier this year, the singer confirmed that he was in talks to make his acting debut in the first Korean Disney+ original series, Our Police Class. A representative from his label KONNECT Entertainment later said that the singer was reviewing the said offer and was positively considering it