Kano launches his own Jamaican Rum, Duppy White

"This is my life, my family’s story inside this bottle"

Kano has launched his own Duppy White Rum in partnership with Duppy Share Caribbean Rums, their first 100% Jamaican rum.
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According to the product listing, the drink is “a vibrant celebration of Jamaica and its influence on the world. 100% Jamaican white rum with flavours of mango, pimento and fresh thyme, for 100% Jamaican flavour.

“Produced & co-founded with musical pioneer Kano – this is a rum five years in the making; born from the memories, smells and flavours that reflect his Jamaican roots and the profound impact of Jamaican culture on London and the world.”

The back of the bottle features an illustrated Empire Windrush ship, as well as lyrics from Kano’s song ‘SYM’ from 2019’s ‘Hoodies All Summer’ (“Every entrance to a door has a footprint left by the ones that came before / Let’s talk about the day the wind was rushed up on the shore”) as “an acknowledgement of the countless untold stories and cultural influence of the Windrush generation on London and the UK.”


“For me, whatever I do has to be the real deal,” said Kano in a statement about the rum. “This drink comes from me. This is my life, my family’s story inside this bottle, and wrapped around this bottle. This is something I believe in and genuinely love as a product.”

In other news, Kano-starring drama Top Boy will “expand the world” of the show “in a really interesting way” when its fourth season airs on Netflix, filmmaker Aneil Karia, who directed three episodes of the most recent season, has told NME.

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