KARA announce November release date for 15th anniversary album ‘Move Again’

It will be the first time Heo Young-ji will be working with ex-members Nicole and Kang Ji-young, who left in 2014 before she joined the group

Second-generation K-pop girl group KARA will be reuniting to release a new album titled ‘Move Again’ next month.

On October 18 at Midnight KST, the members of KARA released the first poster for their upcoming return with their 15th-anniversary album ‘Move Again’. Featuring the five members’ silhouettes, the new image also confirms its November 29 release date.

At the time of writing, KARA and DSP Media have yet to share the release’s exact format and tracklist.


The upcoming record will be the act’s first in over seven years, following May 2015’s ‘In Love’. It will also be the first time Heo Young-ji, who joined the group through the programme KARA Project in 2014, will be working with Nicole and Kang Ji-young. The pair had left the group earlier that year.

Rumours of KARA’s imminent return first began circulating earlier in June 2022 after the girl group met up to commemorate their 15th anniversary with a casual photoshoot.

“It was the first time that everyone who went through ups and downs together under the name of KARA came together to celebrate, share their stories, laugh and cry together, and comfort one another’s sunken hearts, and it gave me hope that we can become a little happier,” said leader Gyuri at the time.

The reunion was later confirmed in September by RBW Entertainment, which now owns KARA’s label DSP Media. “Since they are showcasing their 15th debut anniversary album after gathering together for the first time in a while, we plan on supporting the KARA members so that they can express their feelings of wanting to gift their fans to the fullest,” it said.