KARA reportedly in talks to record and release new music

The group recently reunited to celebrate their 15th anniversary

The members of former K-pop group KARA are reportedly in talks to record new music to celebrate the act’s 15th anniversary.

Today (June 14), several South Korean news outlets reported that the former members of KARA had met up to discuss the possibility of reuniting as a group to release new music in lieu of their 15th anniversary.

“I heard that they met frequently for discussion. This time, the members once again discussed amongst themselves,” an industry representative told JTBC, as translated by Soompi.


Meanwhile, another insider reportedly remarked: “The members have great affection for KARA, and they really appear to want to do a one-time event to celebrate the meaningful year [marking their] 15th anniversary.”

In response to the reports, KARA’s former agencyKARA’s former agency DSP Media stated that the five ex-members of the girl group are indeed discussing potential activities, but that “nothing has been confirmed”.

Earlier this month, former KARA members Gyuri, Seungyeon, Nicole, Jiyoung and Heo Young-ji took to Instagram to share photos from their recent get-together to commemorate their 15th debut anniversary.

While the group had previously gathered last year, this marked the first time Heo Young-ji, who joined KARA after the departure of Nicole and Jiyoung, has joined them to celebrate the occasion.

“It was the first time that everyone who went through ups and downs together under the name of KARA came together to celebrate, share their stories, laugh and cry together, and comfort one another’s sunken hearts, and it gave me hope that we can become a little happier,” wrote leader Gyuri.

The only former members absent from the meet-up were Sunghee, who had left the act shortly after their debut, and the late Goo Hara, who passed away in 2019.