Karate Boogaloo and Danielle Ponder collaborate on second track ‘Little Bit’

The B Side to their earlier joint release 'Look Around'

Melbourne’s Karate Boogaloo and New York artist Danielle Ponder have shared their second collaborative release, ‘Little Bit’.

‘Little Bit’ follows on from the two acts’ previous collaboration, ‘Look Around‘, which arrived in July. The two tracks will be released on a limited-edition 7″ vinyl.

Listen to ‘Little Bit’ below:



On the earlier single, ‘Look Around’, Ponder said the track was almost prophetic, having been recorded following the Australian bushfires over the summer, but prior to the killing of George Floyd and the subsequent protests.

“Fires were raging through Australia and smoke covered the sky. It felt like all of our human sins had gotten the best of us and we were paying a price,” she said.

“I didn’t know that when I arrived back home in the US, the world would only get darker. I feel like my past self wrote this song for my future self knowing what was to come.”


Karate Boogaloo’s last full-length release, ‘Carn The Boogers’, dropped earlier this year. Last night (October 8), it was announced the album was nominated for the Music Victoria award for Best Soul, Funk, Gospel or R&B Album.

Ponder’s last solo release was earlier this year with the single ‘Be Gentle’. It followed her previous 2020 releases ‘Poor Man’s Pain’ and a live rendition of Radiohead’s ‘Creep’.