Kate Bush takes out #1 on ARIA singles chart with ‘Running Up That Hill’

The song has gained popularity following its use in 'Stranger Things' season four

Kate Bush has taken out the #1 spot on the ARIA singles chart for her song ‘Running Up That Hill’ after it appeared in the fourth season of Stranger Things.

The song reached the top of the charts on Friday (June 10), beating out Harry Style‘s ‘As It Was’. The achievement comes after ‘Running Up That Hill’ – first released 36 years ago in 1985 – gained a fresh surge in popularity after appearing in the ‘Dear Billy’ episode of Stranger Things 4.

It’s the first time Bush has had a single reach the top spot in the ARIA charts the countdown began in 1983, though she did achieve a pre-ARIAs #1 single in Australia with 1978’s ‘Wuthering Heights’.


At the time of writing, ‘Running Up That Hill’ is also #1 on the Spotify Australia chart, #2 on the Spotify global chart, #1 on the Apple Music Australia chart and #3 on the Apple Music Global chart. Bush also reached #1 on the Billboard albums chart for ‘Hounds Of Love’, in the Top Alternative Albums category.

Speaking recently about her excitement around the song’s rediscovery, Bush said: “It’s very touching that the song has been so warmly received, especially as it’s being driven by the young fans who love the show.

“I’m really happy that [executive producers] the Duffer Brothers are getting such positive feedback for their latest creation. They deserve it.”

In an interview earlier this month, Wende Crowley, Sony Music Publishing’s SVP of creative marketing, film and TV, explained how ‘Running Up That Hill’ had come to appear in the show after she was approached by Stranger Things‘ music supervisor, Nora Felder.

“Nora Felder came to us pre-pandemic to discuss the idea of using it as Max’s ‘song’ for this season,” Crowley said. “She wanted to make sure it was within the realm of possibility before she got the [executive producers] The Duffer Brothers on board with the idea since the song was going to be “such a focal point to Max’s storyline.”

“Kate Bush is selective when it comes to licensing her music and because of that, we made sure to get script pages and footage for her to review so she could see exactly how the song would be used.”


In the end, Bush agreed as she was a fan of the show.