Katie Dey releases collaborative album with Black Dresses’ Devi McCallion

A sequel to their 2018 joint album

Melbourne artist Katie Dey has teamed up with Black Dresses member Devi McCallion to release a new album, ‘Magic Fire Brain’.

Released on McCallion’s Bandcamp page this morning (September 14), the nine-track album arrived alongside a music video for ‘Mirror’, one of the songs on the LP.

Listen to ‘Magic Fire Brain’ below:


The two artists previously teamed up to release an album in 2018, ‘Some New Form of Life‘.

Dey released her fourth album, ‘mydata‘, back in July through Run For Cover. Dey described the album in a statement as “explicitly about an internet relationship, which can be precisely as meaningful as a relationship that’s physical”.

“So much of my life is just on the internet. So many private, intimate moments,” she said.

“You can download this enormous chat log you have with someone, and it will be like 20MB. But that’s not where the relationship is. That’s not where it’s contained.”


Black Dresses disbanded earlier this year, citing the “extended harassment” of McCallion over the years.

“After much thought Black Dresses will no longer exist after the songs we have already finished but have not released have been released. Once the songs we already wrote are out, so are we,” McCallion reportedly said at the time.

“Fuck black dresses. Thanks for your support and also your repulsive parasocial stalker rage directed at hurting us.”

Since then, McCallion has released the single, ‘Blue Skies’.