Katy Perry declares Australia to be “dangerous”, discusses encounters with “a whole list” of wildlife

The popstar visited Australia with her husband Orlando Bloom, who was shooting an upcoming film in Queensland

Katy Perry has aired her thoughts on Australian wildlife, discussing her recent run-ins with  “a whole list” of the country’s most dangerous animals.

Last week (November 10), Perry appeared on Channel 10’s The Project alongside country artist Thomas Rhett, with whom she collaborated for the recent duet ‘Where We Started’. During the interview, Perry revealed that, while visiting Queensland alongside her husband, Orlando Bloom, she encountered more than a few scary animals, beginning with “a hairy spider.”

“I was in this place called Cairns or by Port Douglas,” Perry recalled. “The first night I was there, there was a hairy spider… that was on my bed stand”. The pop star then revealed that she was forced to remove the spider with a jacket, before elaborating on her run-ins with “a whole list” of other Australian creatures.


“It was wild,” she said of her time in Australia. “There was a black snake at one point. There is a whole list of just – this like mini octopus that can kill you in one little bite.”

Perry went on to advise people not to “think about swimming in any of those beaches” due to crocodiles, before officially declaring: “Australia is dangerous.” Despite close encounters with “dangerous” animals, Perry’s Australian visit also saw the pop star interacting with koalas, feeding kangaroos and swimming with gropers, as she posted on her Instagram page.

Perry and Bloom were in Australia for three months while the latter filmed the upcoming movie Wizards! in North Queensland. The film is also set to star Pete Davidson, with a screenplay based on a story by Australian actor Joel Edgerton. Meanwhile, Perry and Rhett released ‘Where We Started’ last month, forming part of the tracklist for Rhett’s titular sixth album.

While the duet marked Perry’s first music release of 2022, the singer has kept busy elsewhere with her ongoing ‘Play’ residency in Las Vegas. Last month, she announced that the Vegas shows will extend into early 2023, on top of a reported collaboration with Dua Lipa and recent revelation that work on a new album — a follow-up to 2020’s ‘Smile’ — will begin “soon”.