Katy Perry says she and Taylor Swift ended feud to set a good example for young fans

"To be an example of redemption for young girls"

Katy Perry has revealed that a major part of ending her longstanding beef with Taylor Swift was to set a positive example for young fans.

The pop stars had a “misunderstanding”, Perry said, that she claimed was blown out of proportion by media coverage. “What I’m so grateful for is we did get to make up publicly and got to be an example of redemption for young girls,” she said.

Perry opened up about the past fall-out, telling Howard Stern‘s radio show this week that “Gossip in life can take the elevator but the truth takes the stairs. It just takes time.”


She also told Stern that she believes being female didn’t help the situation. “You never see, like, articles about Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber in a fight or Shawn Mendes and Niall Horan in a fight.

“Now, we’re super friendly,” Perry added of her relationship with Swift. “I always wanted the best for her and now we can talk about the best we want for each other.”

The two artists reconciled publicly last year in the music video for Swift’s single ‘You Need to Calm Dow’. Perry wore a hamburger costume, matched by Swift who was dressed as french fries. Perry captioned an Instagram photo of the pair hugging on the set of the video with: “This meal is BEEF-free #MeatFreeMonday.”

Perry famously sent Swift a literal olive branch during the latter’s ‘Reputation’ tour in 2018, which she said was the beginning of the pair’s reconciliation.


In other news, Perry recently shared the details of her fifth album. ‘Smile’, the singer’s sixth album and her first since 2017’s ‘Witness”, is released on August 14.