Kaytranada says he’ll have another album ready for release “in a couple of months”

He's only just dropped 'Bubba', his second studio album

Kaytranada has revealed that he has another album finished and that he hopes to release it “in a couple of months'” time.

The Montréal producer has only just released his second studio album ‘Bubba’, which follows on from his acclaimed 2016 debut ‘99.9%’.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s Beats 1, Kaytranada disclosed that he’s already focused on releasing his next project — and an early 2020 release date is a real possibility.


“There’s just so many tracks that just didn’t make [‘Bubba’]. I intended to put out in two parts,” he said.

“I’m definitely going to do something kind of different on the next one. “Because it’s like, there was a lot of rappers: I have this song with Anderson .Paak that didn’t make the album, it’s really a good one. It’s just like, it has this sample I have to clear, and it just sucks, man. Sampling is my sound, like my main sound.”

The producer and DJ added that the ‘Bubba’ follow-up consists of tracks which didn’t make the album “and other instrumentals in between”.

“So that’s going to be a more personal one. And I think I’m going to drop it just in a couple months. I’m not going to make it that long of a wait.”


Kaytranada also told Lowe that he plans to release an album full of instrumentals in the near future. “Because this is what I’m the best at, just making instrumentals,” he said.

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