Kele Okereke shares powerful new solo track ‘From A Place Of Love’

It's taken from his upcoming album 'The Waves Pt. 1'

Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke has shared a new song – listen to ‘From A Place Of Love’ below.

The new track is the latest preview of the singer’s upcoming solo album ‘The Waves Pt. 1’, due out on May 28 via his own KOLA Records label and !K7.

After sharing a cover of Bronski Beat’s 1984 song ‘Smalltown Boy’ and releasing another single called ‘The Heart Of The Wave’, which also features on the new album, Okereke has now returned with another new song, inspired by a film he watched.


He explained: “The idea for this song came when I was watching the animated remake of She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power with my daughter. There was something about the main villain Catra’s character that was compelling. I understood the idea that she had been hurt and now hurt, or hurting others, was her default setting.

“So I wrote this song for Catra, reimagined as a young woman but still carrying the demons from her past around with her. Ultimately ‘From A Place Of Love’ is a song about watching the people you love deal with things that are bigger than them, knowing that you can’t solve their problems but you can be by their side, even if that’s the only thing that you can do.”

Listen to ‘From A Place Of Love’ below:

‘The Waves Pt. 1’ was written and recorded over the last year as the musician became a stay-at-home dad and saw his other projects be cancelled or postponed due to the pandemic.

Kyle said of the album: “In the rare moments of down time I would go up to my music room and play the guitar, looping myself, making this wall of sound. It became a type of therapy for me, something to calm me down as it seemed like the whole world was losing its head.”


The record follows Kele’s 2019 album ‘2042’. A four-star NME review of that album said: “It’s the social commentary that makes this experimental album feel vital and unifying. Okereke lyrically eviscerates the politicians who’ve caused divisions based on race, wealth, sexuality and gender, but also offers a vision of hope and a desire for England to rebuild.”

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