Kesmar gets into the groove on new track ‘Back Up’

His second single of the year

Sydney-based artist KESMAR has dropped his second single of the year, ‘Back Up’.

Out today (December 3), ‘Back Up’ follows on from KESMAR’s first single of 2020, ‘Meteorite’, which dropped in October.

In a press release, the songwriter and producer explained that his latest track came about pre-pandemic, saying he “really didn’t have a worry” while recording it.


“The world hadn’t begun to self destruct yet and I think that reflects in the overall feeling of the song.”

The track arrives with a retro-inspired music video filmed by Redd Sarson.

Watch it below:

KESMAR — real name Nathan Hawes — added that he sought inspiration from Brazilian musician Rita Lee while writing ‘Back Up’, as well as from Michael McDonald of The Doobie Brothers.

“After sitting with the demo for a few months I then took it to [producer] Tobias Priddle and we fleshed it out to what it has become today,” he said.


Priddle also produced KESMAR’s first song of the year, ‘Meteorite’, and worked on Hawes’ debut EP, ‘Up To You’ in 2019.

“We made the main groove [on ‘Back Up’] out of a stack of four different sounds. A Clavinet, hollow-body Gibson Guitar, Fender Rhodes and Juno 60. They all blended into basically one instrument that drives the whole song and gives the rhythm the room to breathe.”