Khi’leb battles expectations on new single ‘Voices’

The rapper's second single for Elefant Traks

19-year-old Brisbane rapper Khi’leb has shared his second single of 2021, entitled ‘Voices’.

The song follows the release of ‘Nothing New’ in July – which also served as his first release for independent Australian label Elefant Traks. Prior to his signing, the rapper released four stand-alone singles: ‘2020’, ‘Anthem’ with King Twiist, ‘Stay Low’ and ‘Broken Focus’.

Khi’leb co-wrote ‘Voices’ with his brother Solomon Tetty, AKA Wy’es, who also served as the song’s producer. An accompanying music video has also been shared, directed by filmmaker and photographer Joshua Ratahi.


The video depicts Khi’leb rapping the song across several locations, including an industrial backlot and a burning house. Watch the video below:

In a press statement, Khi’leb explained that ‘Voices’ thematically centred on “battling the expectations and opinions set by the critics,” as well as “highlighting the idea of remaining true to yourself and your process, no matter what.”

“The second verse really displays the idea of staying true to yourself as well as only improving for yourself, no-one else,” he said.

Khi’leb launched the single’s release with a live performance and block party last week (October 8), which took place in the outer-suburban Brisbane area of Pallara.