Kinder release vivid new floor filler ‘Come Along’ featuring A. Girl

Marking the duo's first single in almost two years

Ghanaian-Australian sibling duo Kinder have returned with their first track in two years,  teaming up with A. Girl for ‘Come Along’.

A colourful and vivid dance number, ‘Come Along’ captures Kinder’s eclectic musical background and elements of their Ghanaian heritage.

According to Kinder – aka sisters Savannah and Briony Osei – ‘Come Along’ is an avocation of a trip the duo took to Ghana in their youth. Amid its electronic beats and vibrant hip hop elements, the track features the Gyill, a traditional Ghanaian instrument.


“We are really excited to share this part of our story with everyone,” Kinder said. “This song is very special to us as we explore things we never have before.

“We can’t wait to be able to play this live and dance with everyone again.”

Listen to ‘Come Along’ below:

The song marks Kinder’s first release since April last year, when they dropped ‘No Sleep’. ‘Come Along’ is also the duo’s first track since signing to Warner Music Australia.

Back in February, Kinder, alongside Julia Stone and Billy Otto, called on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to embrace renewable energy after last summer’s unprecedented bushfires.


Their appeal appeared in a Greenpeace campaign on February 24, entitled Dear Scotty, delivered as an intervention-style message by Aussie actors, musicians, athletes and bushfire survivors.