King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard share ‘Chunky Shrapnel’ special features for free

Featuring bonus performances of 'Mars for the Rich' and 'Beginners Luck'

King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard have shared the special features from their recent concert film Chunky Shrapnel for free on YouTube.

Chunky Shrapnel documented the band’s 2019 tour of the UK and Europe, promoting the thrashy ‘Infest The Rats’ Nest’. The special features had previously only been available during the film’s two limited 24 streaming periods on Vimeo last month.

These include bonus performances that were left out of the final concert film; ‘Mars for the Rich’ recorded in Glasglow, ‘This Thing’ recorded in Brussels, ‘Beginners Luck’ recorded in Zurich and support band Stonefield’s track ‘People’ recorded in Madrid.


They also feature a slew of other candid moments that range from the disgusting – frontman Stu Mackenzie vomiting into a toilet – to the revealing, with a snippet of keyboardist Ambrose Kenny-Smith working out a new song with Mackenzie.

Watch all of the videos on the band’s brand new YouTube channel here, with some of them below:

A Facebook post from the band announcing the release of the special features said they had not “forgotten about Chunky”.

“Gonna get it on the big screen one day when we can!”


The band released a ‘Chunky Shrapnel’ live double album last month, mostly featuring songs taken from the live performances seen in the film. Three instrumental songs on the album – ‘Evil Star’, ‘Quarantine’, ‘Anamnesis’ – are not live recordings, and their source is less attributable, though they appear to be parts of Mackenzie’s instrumental score for the film.

In a Reddit AMA last month, Mackenzie said the prolific band are working on a “few” projects in isolation – one “pretty chill”, another “kind of jazzy” and “some of it is microtonal”. When they shared the second 24 hour stream of Chunky Shrapnel, King Gizz wrote “new tunes coming soon”.