King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard share new single ‘Some Of Us’

The track's music video was filmed with a thermal heat camera

After teasing its release on social media, King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard have shared their latest single, ‘Some Of Us’.

The new track sees the genre-switching band continue in the microtonal vein of last single ‘Honey’, albeit in a more upbeat fashion. In a post to Facebook, the band said they wrote the song earlier this year, “as the world was slowly descending into madness, but before it was truly on fire”.

“We’ve made heaps of tunes lately. Currently putting some sparkles on em. Can’t wait to show y’all before we go down in flames.”


‘Some Of Us’ arrives with another music video from Chunky Shrapnel director John Angus Stewart. It’s filmed with a thermal heat camera as the band appear to shower, pull bags over their eyes and do push ups – watch it below.

‘Some Of Us’ was written by bassist Cook Craig, and recorded by frontman Stu Mackenzie.

While their studio album output has been less prolific than usual, King Gizzard have still been busy this year. The band have released a total of four live albums over the year so far, including the double album and feature film Chunky Shrapnel.

Back in June, the band also released a documentary, RATTY, aimed at giving an insight into the notoriously private group. The documentary was filmed during and centred around the making of the band’s second 2019 album, ‘Infest The Rats’ Nest’.


In a recent interview with NME AustraliaChunky Shrapnel director John Angus Stewart explained what his intention was with making the film, and what he wanted to avoid.

“If you like this music, you’ll get an insight into who these people are,” he said.

“But I didn’t want to frame them as these godlike figures, because to me that’s kind of bullshit. They’re just normal dudes.”