King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard team up with Tropical Fuck Storm for ‘Satanic Slumber Party’ EP

The three-part noise-pop project is out now, with a vinyl release imminent

King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard have joined forces with Tropical Fuck Storm to release a collaborative EP titled ‘Satanic Slumber Party’, dropping it today (March 14) as a surprise release.

The EP comprises one 19-minute song split up into three sections. The first part, dubbed ‘The Chairman’s Portrait’, runs for less than a minute and serves as somewhat of an introduction for the punchy and polarising noise-pop jam (subtitled ‘Midnight In Sodom’) that follows. The song’s third part, ‘Hoof And Horn’, is a warbly and experimental collision of synths and distortion, spanning just over 12 minutes.

Alongside the release comes a video for ‘Midnight In Sodom’, co-directed by Tropical Fuck Storm and Nina Renee (who also helmed the band’s Goody Goody Gumdrops documentary). It shows the group conducting a ritual with an ouija board, conjuring the members of King Gizzard in the form of demonic entities. Have a look at the clip below:


In a press statement, Tropical Fuck Storm’s bassist and co-vocalist Fiona Kitschin said: “King Gizz were up at our house a while ago, recording their album ‘Fishing For Fishies’ with [Gareth Liddiard]. Then after a long day recording and a few too many drinks, the Gizz guys and us all wore hats and recorded a very long jam, which we called ‘Hat Jam’. 

“Gizz took ideas from the jam and made up a new song called the ‘Dripping Tap’ and Tropical Fuck Storm took the ‘Hat Jam’ recording and turned it into ‘Satanic Slumber Party’. It’s four guitars, three drummers, two synths, bass, harmonica, electronic sax and lots of singers and silliness. It’s like ‘Love Shack’ by the B-52’s except it’s evil.”

The EP will be released on vinyl in two formats, one as a limited 12-inch pressing that also features ‘Dripping Tap’ – with King Gizzard dropped last week as the lead single from their forthcoming 20th album, ‘Omnium Gatherum’ – and a wider release that only features ‘Satanic Slumber Party’. Neither version has been dated, though a press release points to the EP-only record coming later in 2022. 

Pre-orders for the limited 12-inch will be available imminently from both bands’ webstores – you can grab a copy via King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard’s store here, and Tropical Fuck Storm’s here.  

‘Satanic Slumber Party’ was first teased in a Reddit AMA last August, when Liddiard revealed that a collaboration between both bands was being worked on. In addition to Liddiard’s role in helping King Gizzard record ‘Fishing For Fishies’, the bands have toured together in both the US and Australia.


‘Omnium Gatherum’, which also remains undated, will be King Gizzard’s second album for 2022, following the quiet release of ‘Made In Timeland’ earlier this month. That record was initially supposed to be given out for free at its namesake festival on New Year’s Eve, though a last-minute cancellation led to those plans being scrapped.

Tropical Fuck Storm, on the other hand, released their third album, ‘Deep States’, last August. In NME’s list of its top Australian releases for that month, Alex Gallagher wrote that “the abstract experimentations, the freak-boogie jams and feedback-soaked slow burners on ‘Deep States’ belie the frank, snarling interrogations of fascism and surveillance they foreground”.