King Stingray share cover of Men At Work’s ‘Down Under’

The cover will feature on the soundtrack of an upcoming Tourism Australia short film, 'Come and Say G’day'

King Stingray have shared a cover of Men At Work’s ‘Down Under’ as part of a new campaign for Tourism Australia.

‘Down Under’ was first released in 1982, and featured on the tracklist for Men At Work’s debut album, ‘Business As Usual’. For their iteration, King Stingray had discussions with Men At Work’s lead vocalist, Colin Hay, and recorded their version in a combination of English and their local Indigenous language, Yolŋu Matha.

Listen to King Stingray’s ‘Down Under’ cover below:


The cover will be used on the soundtrack of Come And Say G’day, an upcoming short film that forms part of a new campaign by Tourism Australia. Its live-action cast will include the likes of Rose Bryne and Will Arnett, while animated characters will be voiced by radio presenters Hamish Blake and Andy Lee, alongside actor Nakkiah Lui.

Come And Say G’day was directed by Australian filmmaker Michael Gracey, who directed the 2017 movie The Greatest Showman. The short will premiere this Thursday (October 20) on YouTube and on Tourism Australia’s website here.

King Stingray’s ‘Down Under’ cover marks the band’s first release since their self-titled debut album, which arrived in August of this year. It was previewed by the singles ‘Let’s Go’, ‘Get Me Out’ and ‘Milkumana’, and was described by NME as “a rollicking love letter to community and country” in a five-star review.

King Stingray’s debut album – which this month scored a nomination for the 2022 ARIA Awards – is currently being toured across Australia. The run will wrap-up at the end of this month in Garrmalang/Darwin, bookending what has been a breakout year for the rock outfit.

Earlier in the year, King Stingray won Best New Act From Australia at the 2022 BandLab NME Awards, and were featured in the NME 100 for 2022. Speaking of their ascendence in a July interview with NME, guitarist Roy Kellaway said it arose because “we’re full of love in our heart.”


“I think that makes us believe in ourselves and not have so much self doubt,” he said.