Kingswood release ‘Reveries’, a reimagining of previous record ‘Juveniles’

The new album is "an entirely alternate universe", the band say

Melbourne band Kingswood have released ‘Reveries’, a reimagining of their recently released album, ‘Juveniles’. See its tracklist below.

‘Juveniles’ was released back in March and marked Kingswood’s third full-length album. The group were planning on touring ‘Juveniles’ around the country from March but had to cancel dates to due to the coronavirus pandemic.

‘Reveries’ reworks the tracks from ‘Juveniles’ as more Americana- and bluegrass-tinged songs with added instrumentation, including from Kingswood member Alex Laska’s sister Irene. The band re-recorded the songs across four days at Newmarket Studios in Melbourne.


Listen to the album below:


In a statement, Kingswood explained that this time round, “each song would be crafted for a sole listener”.

“On ‘Juveniles’, once complete with the writing phase, they took on the form of a rich and dedicated rock and roll album; nuanced and thoroughly investigated, but didn’t originate as such,” the band said.

“‘Reveries’ highlights those moments of inception and is an entirely alternate universe. More intimate and perhaps with more personal insight due to what is really being highlighted.”


After cancelling their tour dates due to the pandemic, Kingswood spent March to June releasing tracks from a ‘live’ album they recorded at Newmarket Studios. The recordings comprised songs from ‘Juveniles’ as well as “a portion of our ‘greatest hits’,” the band told NME at the time.

The tracklist for ‘Reveries’ is:

1. ‘Heart Carousel’
2. ‘Out Of Colour’
3. ‘If There’s A Love’
4. ‘Infinite Tenderness’
5. ‘Tell Me You Love Me’
6. ‘Two Hearts’
7. ‘A Little Death’
8. ‘Monroe’
9. ‘Cotton Pink’
10. ‘Remember’
11. ‘Kite In A Storm’
12. ‘Take Me Off Your Birthday List’