Kira Puru challenges radio stations to play Australian artists during coronavirus outbreak

Kira Puru believes the radio industry can help artists to recoup lost tour income

Kira Puru challenged the Australian radio industry yesterday (March 17), urging them to play more Australian artists during the coronavirus crisis. Puru believes the royalties earned by increased airplay would go some way to helping artists recoup lost tour income.

“A CHALLENGE to Australian radio stations,” the Maori-Australian musician wrote on Twitter, “to play mostly/exclusively Aussie artists to jack up our royalties while we wait for our gigs to pick up again! 1 small, literally free way to aid local artists?”

Puru went on to tag a handful of Australian broadcasters, including triple j, Triple M and FBi radio. The tweet garnered attention overnight, and now has more than 1800 likes. It has also been retweeted by the likes of Thelma Plum, Music Victoria and journalist Marina Go.


Check out the tweet below.

This isn’t the first time Puru has put her hand up in a time of crisis this year. She appeared at February’s Down To Earth bushfire relief concert alongside Briggs to perform ‘Life Is Incredible’.

Puru’s call for radio stations to support local artists comes as ILostMyGig Australia reports a 200% increase in income loss across the Australian arts community.

At the time of writing, no Australian radio station yet has made a formal response to Puru’s challenge.