Kira Puru gets Tones And I, Peking Duk and more to do their best Korn impressions

Jaguar Jonze, Mo'Ju and Kwame also gave it a red-hot go

Kira Puru has been making considerable waves on TikTok over the past few months, and her latest video sees her challenge a number of Australian musicians to give their best Korn impressions.

As first shared by Junkee, the singer took to the platform to play a snippet of Korn’s Grammy-winning 1998 hit ‘Freak On A Leash’, where frontman Jonathan Davis utters his now-iconic gibberish. She then revealed she had challenged a number of Australian musicians to give their rendition of the line.

Puru played recordings of Kwame, Alice Ivy, Mo’Ju, Sam Dillon and Tones And I all having their best go at it, rating and giving feedback for each one.


Puru rated Ivy’s rendition a perfect 10/10, saying she actually sent a full one-minute recording, while rating Mo’Ju’s the lowest at 6/10 because she “forgot to breathe”.

@kirapurulike for part 2 ##australia ##aussiemusic ##kornchallenge

♬ original sound – kirapuru

Puru also said that if she gets enough likes on the video, she would release a sequel. Over the weekend, she delivered, hitting up artists Peking Duk, Jaguar Jonze, Haiku Hands, Didirri and ALTA to take on the task.

In the second round, Jaguar Jonze nabbed a perfect score from Puru because she “sounds like a cute Pokémon”.

@kirapuruthe heavily requested part 2 of the ##kornchallenge series ##australia ##aussiemusic

♬ original sound – kirapuru

As for her original musical output, Puru has released one single in 2020 thus far, ‘Idiot’. The track, released in April, follows on from 2019’s ‘Why Don’t We Get Along’ and ‘Everything Is Better Without You’.

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