Watch Kira Puru perform new song ‘Chillin’ for Bonds campaign

The latest instalment of 'Bloody Comfy Period Undies presents Unplugged'

Melbourne-based pop artist Kira Puru debuted her new song ‘Chillin’ as part of a Bonds campaign last night (September 9).

Puru’s performance was the fourth instalment of the Australian brand’s ‘Bloody Comfy Period Undies presents Unplugged’ series. The six-part series showcases one new song from six different artists that were written while they were on their period.

Watch the clip below:


Sharing the clip to her own Instagram, Puru provided some context for the song.

“I thought about writing some thrash metal piece about killing all men but I decided to stick with what I know,” she joked.

Her self-described “lil bop” sees Puru write about “having yourself a cosy mental health day”.

“I think we could still come some ways in normalising the menstrual experience for those who bleed, so I’m really happy to mark this special collab.”

G Flip kicked off the Bonds campaign on Sunday (September 6), performing new song ‘Unapologetic.’ She was followed by Alice Skye with ‘Persistent Mood’ and Georgia Maq, who shared ‘Get Changed’.


The series continues tonight (September 10) with Ali Barter performing ‘Ten Trucks.’

‘Chillin’ is Puru’s second single of 2020, following the release of ‘Idiot’ in April.

Keeping herself occupied during Melbourne’s lockdown, the singer recently enlisted several Australian musicans to do their best Korn impressions. She shared clips of Kwame, Alice Ivy, Jaguar Jonze and more attempting the band’s famous beatboxing moment in ‘Freak On A Leash,’ with clips posted to her TikTok.

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