Kit releases debut single ‘Good Guy’, announces livestream

The singer-songwriter will launch her single on a livestream on April 17

Sydney singer-songwriter Katie Wighton has debuted her new solo project, Kit.

Wighton, who is best known as one quarter of folk group All Our Exes Live In Texas, has released her debut single as Kit today (April 3).

‘Good Guy’ was co-written with fellow singer-songwriter Ali Barter, and was produced by James Seymour and Boy & Bear’s Dave Symes.


The song marks a notable creative departure for Wighton, who has previously been best known for her acoustic, easy-listening music. In a press statement, Wighton explained she had “played folk songs for a long time”, and “got to a point where I wanted to yell a bit”.

An accompanying music video for ‘Good Guy’ has also been released today, directed by Popcandi’s Gina Somfleth.

Watch it below:

In a press statement, Wighton explains that she and Barter wrote the song as a “G-rated ‘fuck the patriarchy'”.

“[We] wrote this song last year after having one too many conversations with amazing women about men in the entertainment industry getting away with bad behaviour,” she continued.


“I was tired of hearing sad songs by incredible women about other remarkable women who were wronged – I just wanted to get mad about it.”

To launch ‘Good Guy’, Wighton will live-stream a performance from her home on both Instagram and Facebook – inspired by her recent appearance as a part of Isol-Aid.

She has enlisted several friends to serve as “support”, including Bonnie Songs, Nancie Schipper and Hannah Blackburn.

“Being creative can sometimes be a burden but right now, it’s our biggest asset”, Wighton said.

The live-stream will commence from 7pm on April 17.