Kit releases music video for second single, ‘King Size Bed’

The track was released last month

Kit – the solo project of singer-songwriter Katie Wighton – has shared the music video for her recently released single, ‘King Size Bed’.

The original clip for ‘King Size Bed’ was unfinished when Melbourne entered stage-four lockdown restrictions. When the single was released last month, Wighton recorded footage of her friends and fans dancing during the online launch party, which then became the new music video.

“I happened to press record when I played ‘KSB’ and my friends did the rest,” Wighton said.


“They didn’t know they were being filmed – they just unleashed their pent up joy into my heart and the camera.”

Watch the video for ‘King Size Bed’ below:

The single itself was co-written with Jenny Owen Youngs and Jake Sinclair in Los Angeles. In an Instagram post at the time of the single’s release, Wighton explained the meaning behind ‘King Size Bed’.

“This song is about connection which I miss like hell, don’t you?,” she said.

“It’s about loving someone so much that you just can’t get close enough, can’t hold them tight enough; you almost want to absorb them like one of those weird angler fish (look it up, it’s weird).”


“What I wouldn’t give for that feeling at the moment!”

‘King Size Bed’ is the second single released by Wighton under the Kit moniker, following on from her debut ‘Good Guy‘ in April.