Kita Alexander finds personal power in new single ‘Run’

The first taste of a forthcoming EP

Northern NSW singer-songwriter Kita Alexander has returned with her first new music in nearly two years, a heartfelt single titled ‘Run’ in which she disavows an unhealthy relationship and sings of finding the courage to break free.

The songwriting process for ‘Run’ began as a team effort between Alexander, Donnie Sloan and Empire Of The Sun’s Nick Littlemore before Alexander refined the track at home.

Pulsing with a dreamy synth Alexander’s gentle vocals glitter above as she builds to the track’s soaring refrain: “Stop making me run away / stop making me feel this way“. Take a listen below:


Alexander said of the song: “[It] feels like a sunny day in LA, but it’s all about being [in a relationship] with someone who is unsuccessfully fighting they’re own internal battle and in the process dragging you down along with them.

“Mental illness is not easy on anyone, but we often forget about the support people who are struggling to stay in the light, and be the beacon of hope that our loved ones need.”

‘Run’ is the first taste of a forthcoming EP from Alexander, details of which are yet to be revealed other than the fact it will arrive later this year. The singer’s last EP was ‘Hotel’ in 2017, which followed 2015’s ‘Like You Want To’.

In 2020, she released three singles: ‘Against The Water’, ‘Can’t Help Myself’ and ‘I Miss You, I’m Sorry’.