Kllo’s Simon Lam, Lucianblomkamp, Darcy Baylis team up for new single ‘Madison’

Marking the first time the producers have performed as a trio

Prolific Australian producers Lucianblomkamp, Kllo‘s Simon Lam and Darcy Baylis have come together on a brand-new single entitled ‘Madison’.

Listen to the new track below:


“In the summer of 2019, Simon, Lucian and I were meeting up regularly for a few weeks trying to work on a new project,” said Baylis in a statement.

“Everyday basically felt like a new genre exercise, passing random ideas back and forth, but when we made this one I could tell we all felt really special about it. I feel like it’s the perfect meeting point of what we all do individually – 90s breakbeats, shoegaze vocals, some analog synths. I was just trying to capture the vibe of that Summer forever.”

While all three producers have worked with each other in the past, ‘Madison’ marks the first time where they’ve come together as a trio.

Kllo recently shared their third and final single, ‘Somehow’, before the release of their forthcoming album on July 17. An accompanying music video coincided with the drop, a collaboration between creative agencies Paveilone and Here For Good. The video features footage from Kllo’s tour of Russia in 2019.

Lucianblomkamp last full-length was 2016’s ‘Bad Faith’. Since then, he’s released a three-part EP entitled ‘Sick of What I Don’t Understand’ in 2017-2018, which was followed up by the 2019 EP ‘Motto’.


Baylis’ latest full-length was his 2019 sophomore album, ‘A House Breaking’. Most recently, he released the single ‘Sorbitol Freestyle’, his first new track of 2020.

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