Kllo release new single ‘Somehow’

The final single before the release of their new album

Kllo have released a new track, ‘Somehow’, the third and final single from their forthcoming album.

The single, released today (June 25), follows on from April’s ‘Still Here’ and May’s ‘Insomnia.’ All three will appear on the duo’s second studio album, ‘Maybe We Could,’ set for release on July 17.

The group have released an accompanying music video, a collaboration between creative agencies Paveilone and Here For Good. The video takes footage from Kllo’s tour of Russia in 2019.


Watch the music video for ‘Somehow’ below:

In a press statement, the duo described ‘Somehow’ as simultaneously “one of the dancier tracks on the album” as well as “one of the more difficult ones to finish”.

“It went through many different incarnations before arriving at its final state,” they said.

The duo also noted the song’s creative process similar to that of their 2017 track ‘Virtue,’ which featured on their debut album ‘Backwater.’

“Although gruelling at times, we consider this process to be a positive thing,” they continued.


“The harder songs to finish are usually the ones people connect with most. It’s just a matter of simplifying the ideas once we’ve overworked them.”

Earlier this year, Kllo’s Chloe Kae released her first two singles as a solo artist, ‘Misconception’ and ‘Recluse’.