Kllo recruit DJ Boring for thundering ‘My Gemini’ remix

Originally featuring in their sophomore album 'Maybe We Could'

Kllo have recruited DJ Boring for a remix of ‘My Gemini’, released today (October 9).

The track – whose original version features on the Kllo’s recent sophomore album ‘Maybe We Could’ – follows closely behind the Jacques Greene reworking of their lead single ‘Still Here’.

In a press statement, Kllo said, ‘We’ve been massive fans of DJ Boring’s work for a long time. It’s an honour to have an artist that we draw inspiration from put their touch on our track.


“‘My Gemini’ always sounded like a distant memory of a night out, but this remix really lifts the veil off and brings that moment into clarity.”

Listen to the remix below:

The admiration between Kllo and DJ Boring is shared, with the latter adding, “I really love Kllo’s work and I have listened to ‘Maybe We Could’ over and over again.

“It was a huge privilege to be asked to do a remix and I really wanted it to be perfect and do it justice, so much so at one point I found myself in quite a hard place with it, trying to figure it out but one day not so long ago, almost out of nowhere it just came to me.”


In a three-star review of ‘Maybe We Could’, NME said the Melbourne cousins “play to their strengths” saying the release had “a more distinctive sound, one built around woozy bedroom beats and the constant push-pull of desire and restraint”.