Kllo’s Simon Lam launches new band Armlock with ‘Power Of A Waterfall’

Their debut album 'Trust' is out in June

New Australian duo Armlock, co-founded by Kllo‘s Simon Lam, have marked their arrival today (April 6) with the release of their debut single, ‘Power Of A Waterfall’.

‘Power Of A Waterfall’ also serves as the first taste of Armlock’s forthcoming debut full-length project, ‘Trust’, due out on Friday, June 2.

In a press statement, the duo explained that ‘Power Of A Waterfall’ is about “the general narrative of your adulthood that’s drilled in from a young age, and the relentless boredom that comes from fulfilling that prophecy… how mundane things cascade you into a kind of madness”.


Watch the retro, karaoke-inspired music video below:

Armlock are Simon Lam and Hamish Mitchell, who were both part of electronic trio I’lls, before the former went on to form Kllo alongside his cousin, Chloe Kaul.

Armlock described their upcoming album ‘Trust’ as “in some respects… a simultaneous documentation of progression and regression”.

“A homecoming of sorts, influenced by the interim where we developed our skills as producers and our skills as artists. Armlock, as a vehicle, seems like returning full circle to where we started.”


Kllo released their last album ‘Maybe We Could’ last July. In a review of the albumNME‘s Annabel Ross wrote, “With renewed appreciation for their musical partnership, Kllo have also embraced the core sound they accidentally established on ‘Backwater’.

“Fans of their debut won’t be surprised by anything on here, but Kllo’s dexterous variations on a theme should win them over regardless.”

‘Trust’ is out June 2 through Solitaire Recordings.

The cover art of Armlock’s ‘Trust’ is:

armlock trust artwork

The tracklist of Armlock’s ‘Trust’ is:

1. ‘April’
2. ‘Two Shots’
3. ‘Turf War’
4. ‘Jade’
5. ‘Power Of A Waterfall’
6. ‘Tabs’
7. ‘Hanging Like A Pendant’