Komang shares enthralling debut single ‘Dewi’

The first track from her forthcoming debut EP, 'Mythologies'

Melbourne producer and vocalist Komang – real name Rosie Clynes – has shared her stunning debut single, ‘Dewi’.

The track was mixed by Maxwell Roberts and mastered by Nicholas Di Lorenzo. Listen to it below:


‘Dewi’ is the first track lifted from Clynes’ forthcoming debut EP, ‘Mythologies’, which is due for release later this year.

Per a press release, the song touches upon the Balinese belief that we are reborn into our future generations.

“Dewi is both the Indonesian word for ‘goddess’ and a common name for women across the archipelago, making it an ode to femme lineage, the strength of wom*nhood and a call to action to be a good ancestor for those to come,” Clynes said in a statement.

Clynes cites influences from Kelsey Lu, Erykah Badu and Little Dragon, and describes the sound of her music as “neo-soul meets Balinese mystic power” and “Solange with an Indonesian twist”.

Her mentor, local electronic act Sui Zhen, praised Clynes’ music in a statement.

“Komang’s music possesses a unique feminine strength that is empowering and entirely engaging,” Zhen said.


“Her knack for weaving stories into electronic soul & 90s house-style production is truly exciting – I can’t wait to hear more from Komang.”

Komang, who was formally trained as an actor, initially started music production while working as a performer and writer in Jakarta. She collaborated with numerous Indonesian soul acts (Greybox, Ezra Kunze) before returning to Melbourne to commence writing ‘Mythologies’.