Komang shares self-directed music video for ‘Dewi’

Shot in her "old workplace and creative hub"

Melbourne artist Komang – real name Rosie Clynes – has shared a new music video for her debut single, ‘Dewi’.

Per a press release, the music video for ‘Dewi’ was self-directed by Clynes and shot by Amy Dellar. The visual is set in Melbourne’s Kittens strip club, which doubles as Clynes’ “old workplace and creative hub”. Watch it below:


“Being my first music video, I wanted to tell the story of a beginning – in this case, a stripper preparing for her routine transformation, in the way that many of us don our armour to face the world,” Clynes said in a statement.

“The strip club really holds that space, where folks in the dressing rooms transform from baggy hoodies and track pants into these glorious hyper-femme entities who wear their adornments like armour. Everyone’s armour looks different, and in order to respect each other, we need to respect that, too.”

Clynes continued, explaining she wanted to pay homage to her roots through the music video.

“As an ex-dancer, this video is also an expression of gratitude to the strip club,” Clynes said.

“The club allowed me the time and privilege to pursue music much deeper, so I wanted to honour and reflect that with my first music video. To say ‘thank you for letting me see how powerful I am – now look what I’ve made for you!’”


‘Dewi’ originally premiered late last month. Upon release, her mentor Sui Zhen heaped praise on Clyne’s music.

“Komang’s music possesses a unique feminine strength that is empowering and entirely engaging,” Zhen said.

“Her knack for weaving stories into electronic soul & 90s house-style production is truly exciting – I can’t wait to hear more from Komang.”