Brands cut ties with ex-EXO member Kris Wu over alleged predatory behaviour

The singer has denied all allegations

Several brands have terminated their partnerships with Chinese singer and former EXO member Kris Wu over alleged predatory behaviour. The celebrity has so far denied all allegations.

On 18 July, Shanghai-based beauty brand Kans announced on the Chinese social media platform Weibo that it had terminated Wu’s endorsement contract, following allegations of infidelity and predatory behaviour by the singer’s rumoured ex-girlfriend, 19-year-old college student Du Meizhu.

The former K-pop idol is one of the top brand ambassadors in China, and is the face of several products and brands from luxury cars to cosmetics to snacks. According to CNA Luxury, Porsche, Vatti and King of Glory also removed social media posts featuring Wu on the same day.

Wu later addressed the issue on Weibo, denying all allegations. “I didn’t respond earlier because I did not want to disrupt the legal process but I didn’t imagine that my silence would accelerate this rumourmonger,” wrote the Chinese-Canadian singer, per WWD. “I cannot stand it any longer.”

“No luring for sex! No drugging to rape! No underage!,” he asserted in his post. “If there was this behaviour, everyone rest assured I would go to jail willingly. I fully understand the legal weight of my words above,” Wu added.

Earlier this month, Du accused the singer of infidelity and preying on underaged girls. She had shared screenshots of alleged conversations between Wu and several victims, some of whom may have been underaged. According to WWD, Du revealed that as many as 30 alleged victims have approached her to share similar experiences with Wu.

Du had claimed, per The Straits Times, that the 30-year-old singer would offer acting and singing opportunities to young women, luring them to play drinking games and eventually, spend the night with him. Wu and his team have denied all allegations against him and have filed a defamation lawsuit against Du.

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