KUČKA makes her directorial debut with visuals for new single ‘Eternity’

Lifted from upcoming LP, 'Wrestling'

KUČKA has made her directorial debut in the official music video for her new single, ‘Eternity’.

In a press statement, KUČKA – aka Laura Jane Lowther – said she always had very “intense” visuals for the video all through the ‘Eternity’ writing process. “It always felt very sensual, intimate, and close,” she said. “I wanted to get the sense of being in a comfortable and safe place when the world outside feels cold and distant.

“By increasing the speed of the clips over the video it gave me the anxious feeling of how quickly time passes and how much I always replay my favourite memories over and over in my head.”


The Perth-via-Los Angeles producer-singer directed the video for ‘Eternity’ over a series of wet weather days, working with her wife, Dillon Howl, to create intimate visuals of smoggy frames, raindrops, concrete roads and more. Watch it below:

The new single follows last month’s announcement of KUČKA’s forthcoming debut album, ‘Wrestling’.

Set for release on April 30 via Soothsayer, ‘Wrestling’ also features recent singles ‘No Good For Me’, ‘Ascension’ and ‘Contemplation’, the latter two released last year.

Upon the album’s announcement, KUČKA – who wrote, performed and recorded the whole thing, while Howl served as creative director – said, “It’s been in the works for a loooong while… I’m so proud of how it turned out.”


‘Wrestling’ will follow KUČKA’s debut EP, 2015’s ‘Unconditional’. Since that release, KUČKA has worked with the likes of Flume, A$AP Rocky and SOPHIE.