Kwame shares video supporting the Raise The Age campaign

Other entertainers have also shared their support

Kwame has shared a video voicing his support for the Raise The Age campaign, launched by Indigenous-led non-profit organisation Change The Record.

The Raise The Age campaign looks to increase the legal age at which Australian children can be arrested to 14 years old from the current minimum of 10.

According to the organisation’s website, in one year, almost 600 children aged 10 to 13 years old were locked up, with thousands of others passing through the Australian legal system. The average age for criminal responsibility around the world is 14.


“Seventy per cent of these children make up Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders,” Kwame said in his Facebook video. “It truly baffles me that children the age of 10 in Australia are being considered as criminals.

“In order for change, we need to be the change, which is why I’m calling onto you guys now to call upon the Australian Government to raise the age.”

Kwame’s post comes as the country’s attorneys-general prepare to meet on Monday July 27 to discuss the outcome of a national review to raise the age of criminal responsibility from 10 to 14.

In the last week, several musicians, actors and comedians have voiced their support for Raise The Age, including Hatchie, Liz Stringer, Myf Warhurst, Nakkiah Lui and Miranda Tapsell.

At the start of this month, Uncles Archie Roach and Jack Charles joined the campaign, with Roach posting a video to Twitter explaining why his charity, The Archie Roach Foundation, was supporting the issue.


“Me and Uncle Jack Charles… we’d like to offer them our support,” Roach said. “Children as young as ten shouldn’t be in jail. They should be learning more about their culture and their history and their family and country. They’re not going to learn that behind bars.”