Watch Kylie Minogue welcome Britons Down Under in new Tourism Australia ad

“All of Australia loves you, and we’ll never judge you”

Kylie Minogue is the star of Australia’s latest tourism campaign, and on Christmas Day she released a new jingle that takes a not-so-subtle dig at Britain and their Brexit woes.

The commercial dubbed ‘Matesong’ premiered yesterday (December 25) on British television network ITV, right before the Queen’s annual Christmas message. It features Minogue reprising her Neighbours character Charlene as she performs the song, which was written by singer-songwriter Eddie Perfect, against a backdrop of iconic Australian locations, from Byron Bay to Rottnest Island to Uluru.

The three-minute ad invites Britons to take a holiday Down Under, poking fun at Brexit woes and common English stereotypes with lyrics like: “When you need an end to what ails ya, call on your friends in Australia” and “Yes, we know of your love of fish and chips and curries, but hey that’s no worry”.


The clip also features familiar Aussie faces such as comedian Adam Hills and chef Darren Robertson. Famous sporting figures like Shane Warne, Ian Thorpe and Ash Barty also cameo. Check out the ad below:

Following the song’s premiere, Tourism Australia’s official Twitter account posted a message from Minogue, who said the ad was “done with nothing but pure love” and that she hopes to see Brits enjoying Australia soon.

Elsewhere, the Australian pop icon recently reflected on her appearance at Glastonbury earlier this year, saying she still has yet to properly experience the music festival.


“In a way, I still haven’t had the Glastonbury experience of being there overnight, roaming around, seeing everything,” Minogue told Andy Carr in an interview for The Guardian. “I still feel like I have to do it, as a rite of passage. I’ll probably be more like your picture; I don’t think I’ll be able to manage it like the cool girls. In fact, maybe I’ll retract my former statement: I should go with you and we can get real sloshy together.”