KYVA releases new single and music video for ‘Dollar Sign’

Written about KYVA's "complex relationship with money"

Sydney-based artist KYVA has today (April 22) released their new single ‘Dollar Sign’. Watch the Harvey Hayes-directed music video for the track below.

KYVA, real name Kyle Linahan, said in a press statement that they wrote the song around their “complex relationship with money”.


“As a kid, I always thought that I wouldn’t be one of those people that would be stuck. I always had this idea that I was just going to somehow find my way where I could do my passion,” they said.

“On the one hand I like the comfort of money and material things. But then at the same time, I’m disgusted by extreme greed and the absurdities of late-stage capitalism. I think that duality is something that’s experienced by a lot of people who are just wanting to make ends meet and to survive.”

The song was brought to life with the help of a number of Australian artists. It was co-produced by Cloud Control’s Alister Wright and The Jezabels’ Samuel Lockwood, and was mixed by Kllo’s Simon Lam.

KYVA also notes that they try to find ways to subvert narratives, like that of the patriarchy, that have hindered society’s growth and provided an inaccurate reflection of humanity.

“…Ultimately, it’s never served me, it’s one that’s caused me immense pain and hardship and so many others would probably have the same experience,” KYVA said.


“My whole ethos is to try and break that narrative, shift it or augment it to be a more truthful reflection of who we are as a people.”

Prior to the release of ‘Dollar Sign’, KYVA played the third instalment of ISOL-AID festival alongside Mo’Ju, Emily Wurramara, Bad//Dreems and more.