L-FRESH The LION drops ‘Alchemy’ remix with The Shloka and EPR Iyer

The international remix features verses in Hindi, Punjabi and English

L-FRESH The LION has teamed up with India-based rappers The Shloka and EPR Iyer for a remix of 2019 single ‘Alchemy’, with verses in Hindi, Punjabi and English. The original appears on L-FRESH’s latest album ‘SOUTH WEST’, which dropped last month.

The remix arrives alongside a video directed by EPR, featuring all three rappers shot across three different cities. Since premiering less than 24 hours ago, it’s already racked up close to 60,000 views. Check out the video below:


“It was an honour to collaborate with Shloka and EPR. Both of them are down to earth, humble guys, whose music represents something meaningful and purposeful,” commented L-FRESH.

“When I thought about doing a RMX for Alchemy, I hit them both up straight away and they were down 100 per cent. Their hustle is next level. The song is a statement. Three of us, multilingual, cross-continental, it’s something new, something different. And it’s my first time combining Punjabi and English in a verse like this.”

L-FRESH originally met The Shloka and EPR while performing in India for the first time last year, guest-starring on the rap reality show MTV Hustle.

The remix sees all three performers reflecting on their ancestry and colonialism, drawing links between shared experiences in both Australia and India.

“Alchemy, as to its worldly origin is the art of transmuting metals but in the poetic context of my verse in this song, reflects on looking at the history of my ancestors, reading about their sacrifices in our country’s freedom struggle thus exposing the otherwise ignored brutality, tyranny and bestiality of colonialism which is falsely glorified in the pages of world history all across,” explained EPR.

His third studio album, L-FRESH dropped ‘SOUTH-WEST’ last month following singles ‘Oh My’ and ‘Mother Tongue’. Speaking to NME last month, the rapper discussed how album three is something of a new beginning, embracing his roots and finding his sound.


“The goal was that I wanted to make songs and make music that could only come from me; like you couldn’t hear that coming from anybody else in Australia,” he said.

“I really wanted to embrace my authenticity and to showcase that through music. And the way that I felt I could best do that was to be very personal in the storytelling and also in the production of the record.”