L-Fresh The LION releases new song ahead of climate rally speech

The single was written in 2017 for a TEDx appearance

This morning (February 25), L-Fresh The LION released a climate crisis-focused new single ‘Mother’, featuring MOZA & Mirrah. Watch the song’s lyric video, created by Jordan East, below.

The release was timed to coincide with the Western Sydney MC’s address to the Western Sydney Climate Action Rally at Parramatta Town Hall this afternoon.


L-Fresh The LION wrote the track for a TEDx performance three years ago, but this is the song’s first studio iteration.

“I’ve been sitting on this song for a few years. And over that time, we’ve seen the conversations on climate change continue just as conversations, while the climate is changing – fires, floods, new norms being defined, Pacific nations having to deal with the impact,” he explained in a press statement.

“In ‘Mother’, I say I’m over the conversation. We need solutions. And we need actions. You wouldn’t be just talking if you saw your mother suffering in front of your eyes. You’d do something to help her out. Our planet gives us life. And it’s suffering.”

Collaborator Moza added that “an important part of what we talk about in ‘Mother’ is accepting that at one point we were ignorant, then we learnt better”.

“It’s okay to not know any better. But it’s never too late to learn.”


L-Fresh The LION will release his fourth album ‘South West’ this year. The MC has been promoting the forthcoming record with the tagline “inspired by the people, culture, hustle & drive”.

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