La Roux says she was once made to give Kanye West a written apology

The two artists worked together back in 2010

La Roux has claimed that she was once made to write Kanye West an apology after the two of them recorded together a decade ago.

The singer, AKA Elly Jackson, was speaking to BBC Radio 1 DJ Phil Taggart for his interview podcast series Slacker when she was asked about working with West in 2010 on his album ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’.

“Collaboration is too much of a strong word. I just turned up and did what I was told,” Jackson said about the process of working with West at that time.


“He’s one of those people that’s not 100% normal. It’s kind of a fascinating world to be in,” she continued. “You can’t talk about anything normal. You can’t just have a normal conversation — I didn’t manage to anyway, I found it impossible.”

Jackson added that West is “on show 24 hours a day, it’s just him. It’s also kind of amazing to be around — I’ll never be around anything like that again. It was really strange” (you can listen to this part of the conversation at the 41:30 mark in the link below).

“He kind of wants it to be strange as well. That’s kind of what I got from it. I was like: ‘You want this to be weird, you want people to walk away saying: “That was really weird”’. But then I did walk away saying it was quite weird.”

Jackson recalled that she was then asked by a mutual friend what it was like to work with West.

“I was like: ‘Yeah, that was pretty weird’… I said I found it all a bit strange. And then he told [West], and they made me write an apology email to him. It was quite creepy.


“I remember writing it sat on my sofa, lolling to myself: ‘Dear Kanye…’ It was ridiculous, I just wrote it all with a massive grin on my face. They do genuinely have quite a lot of power! I was like: ‘I think I am going to actually apologise! It’s no skin off my nose.'”

Jackson said that she didn’t “say anything bad about him”, but felt compelled to speak out as she “saw some behaviour — that wasn’t directed towards me — that I can’t approve as a fellow human being”.

“I’m not going to go into it, but I saw some behaviour that I found upsetting, unsettling. And that’s all I said.

“[Kanye] was absolutely lovely to me, he was. It’s a hierarchical situation, I don’t know what to say. I don’t like hierarchy, and I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I do. And I’m not gonna also [partake] in this ‘conspiracy of silence’ where everyone pretends everything is fucking normal when it’s blatantly not. I’m not that person, I can’t cover shit up.”

La Roux has previously spoken out against West, telling The Sunday Times “fuck him! Nobody likes him” back in 2014.

Last month, Tyler, the Creator remixed the La Roux song ‘Automatic Driver’ from her recent album ‘Supervision’.