LÂLKA releases hyper-pop track ‘Burn It All’

The Brisbane artist says it’s her “most vulnerable track to date”

Brisbane creative LÂLKA has returned with another slice of hyperpop perfection in ‘Burn It All’.

This cut sees the progressive singer-songwriter-producer create a dreamy sonic landscape where time seems to flow at half-pace – a stark change from LÂLKA’s usual off the wall maximalist production. It does, however, still feature her hypnotic vocals.

Hear ‘Burn It All’ below:


“It’s an introspective song about me questioning my inability to connect to people in a meaningful way,” LÂLKA said of the track. “I think I come across to some people as too intense because I’m so obsessed with achieving my goals and will stop at nothing to fulfill my dreams.

“I’d just finished binge watching Game of Thrones when I wrote this song, and the character I connected most with was Daenerys; her single-mindedness to retake the Iron Throne is something I totally identify with. Spoiler alert: she burns an entire city in the end, which is where the line ‘Will I burn it all?’ comes from.”

Burn It All is an introspective song about me questioning my inability to seemingly connect to people in a meaningful…

Posted by LÂLKA on Friday, May 22, 2020


On the day of release (May 29) LÂLKA took to Facebook to say ‘Burn It All’ is her “most vulnerable track to date.” The song was made during isolation, including the visualiser, which was filmed entirely on her iPhone.


LÂLKA expanded on her self-proclaimed “gritty yet opulent” sound across 2019, with tracks ‘Go Psycho’ and ‘Bang Bang’. Taking inspiration from pop pioneers such as A.G. Cook, she continues to create hyperrealistic, heavily textured music.