LÂLKA shares new single ‘Atomic Blonde’

The follow-up to last year's 'Burn It All'

Meanjin/Brisbane singer-songwriter LÂLKA makes her return in 2021 with her new single ‘Atomic Blonde’.

The song – driven by the phrase “I like the way music looks / I like the way fashion sounds” – boasts a bubbly house beat and rumbling bassline.

In a press release, LÂLKA said, “I appropriated this phrase from Malcolm McLaren (manager of the Sex Pistols, collaborator & ex-partner of Vivienne Westwood). It succinctly describes the reasons why I’m obsessed with both music and fashion.


“Pulling together phrases associated with my two biggest interests, this track is probably the most fun I have ever had lyrically.”

Listen to the bouncy experimental synth track below:

LÂLKA also explains that the song was born a spontaneous decision for the artist to dye her hair the colour the track’s title implies and “striving to reclaim her identity as a woman of colour”.

‘Atomic Blonde’ follows LÂLKA’s previous single ‘Burn It All’, another slice of hyperpop brilliance that was released in May of last year.

LÂLKA had expanded on her self-proclaimed “gritty yet opulent” sound across 2019, with tracks ‘Go Psycho’ and ‘Bang Bang’.


In September 2020 LÂLKA was one of several artists enlisted by Australian electronic music label etcetc for a new compilation EP, ‘Decade of Dance: Reworked’, contributing covers alongside the likes of Sarah Wolfe, Nightingale and Kult Kyss.